My name is Daniel you can call me Dan(.one). I love Christian Music both contemporary (such as Sonic Flood), and also Christina rap (such as Cross Movement). I also enjoy the internet and putting together website such as the one you are on now.

Let me first start by telling you a little about myself. My teenage years were a very pivotal turning point in my life. When I entered Westmont High School in 2000 the journey began. It was there that I learned to develop the skills I would later need for life. As a student I took a public speaking class and often participated in debates. My history of public speaking led me to participate in the Creeds contest for the Future Farmers of America and I made second place. Later, when I entered college my journey in public speaking continued when I took a public speaking class. In that class I learned the vital skills for speaking in front of crowds of people. This led me to participate in many open forums at college such as their open microphone nights in which I exercised my talent in music.

More songs @: JesusConnection.us “Jesus Christ Rap” is below.
In 2011 I graduated from BU with a degree in Psychology.

In addition to this site I have several other sites on JesusConnection.us I have listed a few of my rap songs to listen to for free!